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Sometimes, you may need to rent apartments for a long time or daily in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepr, Odessa and Lvov or in any other city in Ukraine. Everyone, who have faced with such situation, knows that to find and rent a good apartment is not easy, as it seems for a first look. This issue requires a serious approach.

Off cause, there are a lot of information in the Internet. When you enter the "rent apartments in Kiev" or "daily rent in Kiev" you will get many offers, but not everyone will meet your needs. You may dislike the room counts, floor or location in the improper district for you.

We offer the search by property type, cities, districts, price and necessary attributes like room counts, baths, floor, floors total as well as presence of air-condition, Wi-Fi, TV-set, etc. All those search opportunists will significantly speed up your work. The UkrSutki service is right for you, if you need a good apartment without spending extra time and effort on search.

You can easily find the daily rate apartments in Odessa or Dnepropetrovsk in any area, inexpensively and without intermediaries. Just enter the necessary city, district or street name in the search by location field and select the most suitable variant among the search results. In the listings detail view you will see all the necessary information about apartment like a lot of high quality photos, terms of the rent, information about kitchen, bathroom, security, etc.

Every day, many students, tourists and hundreds of people arrive to the capital of Ukraine to study, resolve business deals or other issues. The apartments at a good price in Kiev are extremely popular. Therefore, use our booking feature and be sure that the chosen by you apartment will be yours during the specified period.

The UkrSutki service is a great variant for hosts. Just create your account using the simple registration form and add your property for rent filling all the necessary information. It is also important to specify a good listing title, like "Not expensive daily rent apartment in Kharkov". In your account profile, you can edit, advertise and manage your listings as well as add the Meta tags like description and keywords for listing details pages.